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Nagano City Tourist Information

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    • 1, Rock formation of Mt Hakusan

      The rocks on the surface are scraped off by wind and rain in Hakusan which nature has created, and the appearance is changed everyday.
    • 2, Kannon Mr. Nature created

      You can see the Kannon that nature created in the right part Rock formation of Mt Hakusan of the Rock formation of Mt Hakusan.It is said that the Yakuyoke Kannon (the god for avoidance of bad luck) that Nature has built up in the Yakuyoke Kannon (the god for avoidance of bad luck) sacred Japanese mountain, Mt Hakusan is changing its appearance every time he purifies a misfortune.
    • 3, Nakaoyama Onsen source

      The source of Nakaoyama Onsen springs naturally from the rocks of the Kannon Foundation created by nature.
    • Four, Rock formation of Mt Hakusan, Walking course

      You can stroll along the Rock formation of Mt Hakusan beside Rock formation of Mt Hakusan.The view from here is outstanding.You can see Zenkojidaira.
    • Five, Uehara fishing pond

      I can catch carp and rice while watching Hakusan.2 minutes on foot from the hotel.
    • 6, Splendid cherry blossoms are brilliant, Korinji Temple

      It is a very popular spot with a drooping cherry tree.400 m from the inn.Cherry blossoms are planted to surround the temple, built on a small hill climbing a mountain path.Besides Yoshino cherry tree, there are plenty of fern trees, and the big ones, about 300 years old, overwhelm the viewers.
    • 7, Popular apple selling place Kyowa Enkyo

      1 km from the hotel.delicious! And the popular Republic apples direct selling place.Former Kyowa Elementary School is next to the Former Kyowa Elementary School.Apples outside the standard are sold cheaply, perfect for souvenirs.
    • 8, National treasure, Zenkoji Temple

      Zenkoji Headquarters was designated as a national treasure in 1953. It is Zenkoji Temple of Zenkoji Temple is once Maile also far away," "drawn to cattle Zenkoji Temple Mairi is".The oldest Buddha statue in Japan is your main honor and accepts all sects.Zenkoji Temple Nakamise-dori Shopping Street in front of Zenkoji Temple, souvenir shops line up and are always crowded. It is approximately 10km from inn.It is 25 minutes by car.
    • 9, Kawanakajima Old Battlefield(Yahatabara-shiseki Park)

      "Battles of Kawanakajima" is a representative Battles of Kawanakajima of the Warring States period, saying that Kenshin Uesugi and Shingen Takeda fought for the seven times in Kawanakajima land with the hegemony of Kita Shinano the influence. Among them, the most fierce battle is the fourth battle, which is said to "pass Valzya quietly Yogawa river", and the battle where there was a single fight between the generals.There is also a prefectural museum.15 minutes by car from hotel.
    • Ten, Minaminagano Sports Park (Olympic Stadium)

      The stadium which imaged the petal was developed as a multipurpose stadium, such as a baseball stadium in the Minaminagano Sports Park, and was used as an opening and closing ceremony hall at the Olympic Games.Baseball and concerts are held and in the park there are tennis courts, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, football stadiums and the Olympic torch.It is 10 minutes by car from hotel.
    • 11, Chausuyama Dinosaur Park

      25 dinosaurs such as the huge Bronzaurus and Triceratops are Kyoryukoen Park arranged in order of their habitat.Children will be delighted to see the full size dinosaurs reproduced in nature.There are other botanical gardens, athletics and museums.It is 5 minutes by car from hotel.
    • 12, Nagano Chausuyama Zoo

      It is a zoo that is adjacent to the Kyoryukoen Park and boasts the size of number one in Koshinetsu. There is a child zoo where you can touch animals, you can play with riding, guinea pig, mini pig, mini hose etc touching.It is 10 minutes by car from hotel.
    • 13, Anzu no Sato

      It is a zoo that is adjacent to the Kyoryukoen Park and boasts the size of number one in Koshinetsu. There is a child zoo where you can touch animals, you can play with riding, guinea pig, mini pig, mini hose etc touching.It is 10 minutes by car from hotel.
    • 14, Matsushiro Castle Town

      Mr Sanada got a brave name from the Warring States Period to the early Edo (time period) Period.Sanada hundred thousand rice crop The castle town of Sanada hundred thousand rice crop is here Matsushiro.In the town, there are scattered temples and gardens of Bukeyashiki (Samurai residence) tower that keeps the state of the past, Sanada Clan Yukari's distinguished temples and gardens, and you can enjoy the landscape featuring the Edo (time period) period. It is also the stage of the 2007 Taiga Drama "Furin Kazan".15 minutes by car from hotel.
    • 15, Obuse

      Chestnut and Hokusai and flower town. Edo (time period) is famous as a town that the Ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai of the Edo (time period) period loved in his last years. The townscape is very beautiful and is a recommended place for a walk.
    • 【customer's voice】

      ●Zenkoji Temple stayed at the time of sightseeing at Zenkoji Temple
      I could do a good trip without getting down by rain.I had a dream that my mother wanted to go to Zenkoji Temple for a long time, and both dishes and hot springs were very good.If a child was born, I would like to go again.Thank you again for that.

      ●I am very satisfied.
      After that, I went to Togakushi and came back after I stayed overnight at Shichimi Onsen. Shosenkaku san was talking to me that he was okay during the trip.The hot springs, the dishes and the rooms were also very satisfied.I would like to ask again.thank you for helping me.

      ●thank you for helping me
      This time I enjoyed sightseeing such as Zenkoji Temple, Matsushiro Headquarters, Kawanakajima Old Battlefield and so on.Although it was mid September, it was a very hot trip.The next day escape to Sanada from Nagano, and night in Yamanashi home via Tateshina from Tateshina, came home today to safely Kawasaki I feel refreshed after a long absence from delicious dishes and hot springs.Please again.
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