Shosenkaku is Shosenkaku?

Nagano City is a pure Japanese-style spa inn Nagano City suburbs of Nagano City, surrounded by greenery.
Nakaoyama Onsen known for a long time as a hot spring sanatora of Takeda Battle Commander, located base of Mt Chausuyama of base of Mt Chausuyama where Shingen Takeda built the battle of Kawanakajima.
You own the source and you can enjoy 100% of the hot spring water.
Good access to sightseeing in Nagano City such as Kawanakajima Old Battlefield and Zenkoji Temple.Please heal your mind and body with nature rich healing houses surrounded by apple garden.


  • "Shinshu Discount SPECIAL" discount period extension!  ★6/21 update

    ●Discount period:
    Until Thursday, July 14 for accommodation and events

    ●Discount target
    Nagano Prefecture,Saitama,Niigata Prefecture,Toyama Prefecture,Yamanashi Prefecture,Gunma Prefecture,
    Ishikawa Prefecture,Fukui prefecture,Gifu Prefecture,Shizuoka Prefecture,Aichi prefecture,Those who live in Mie prefecture
    ※You will need to show a certificate of 3 vaccinations or a certificate of negative test results valid on the day of your stay.

    ●Accommodation discount amount
    ·5,000 to less than 10,000 yen
     Discount amount:2,500 yen + sightseeing coupon 2,000 yen
    ·10,000 yen or more
     Discount amount:5,000 yen + sightseeing coupon 2,000 yen

About measures against coronavirus infection

  • Efforts of this facility to spread new coronavirus infection

    ·At the request of the prefecture, the business hours of eating and drinking will be changed by 21:00 until 2/20.
    ·A hypochlorous acid space sterilization deodorizer is installed at the entrance to sterilize the space.
    ·We install disinfectant in common spaces such as entrances and elevators.
    ·We regularly clean the common areas of the facility to remove bacteria.
    ·We perform large-scale ventilation with windows opened on a regular basis.
    ·We carry out regular hand washing, gargling, and disinfection of employees.
    ·We thoroughly understand the health condition of employees.
    ·We will wear a mask in consideration of the health and safety of our customers and employees.
    ·Conducts temperature measurement and identity verification for all customers.
    ·If you have symptoms such as coughing or fever, please contact the front desk.

The official site is also eligible for the GoTo Travel Campaign discount!

  • Reservation for GoTo Travel Campaign is on the official website!

    ※The GoTo Travel Campaign has also been suspended due to the state of emergency until February 7.

    ●Reservation flow
    1. From the official website, make a reservation for your desired plan and accommodation date.
     ※Please make a reservation with local payment(No online payment discounts)
    2. Enter the reservation information on the coupon issuing site "STAY NAVI" and issue a coupon.
     ※STAY NAVI membership registration is required.
    3. Please present the coupon number issued by "STAY NAVI" at check-in.
    Four. Campaign discount applied! Please settle the amount after discount.

Recommended date plan

  • Recommended date plan

    It is a plan that you can enjoy both dishes and a bath.
    There are course seasonal cuisine with seasonal ingredients and mini-kaiseki cuisine where you can enjoy casually.Please enjoy the good quality hot spring of Shosenkaku together.
    Please make a reservation by this day.

Facility information

  • 【Facility information】

    Number of rooms, 15 rooms
    Accommodation capacity, 80 people
    Banquet Hall, 7 places
    Check In, 15:00 / Check out, 10: 00
    Parking, 100 passenger cars, 3 buses(Free)
  • Anime "The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan"

    Kakuju Kan is an inn in Kakuju Kan model!

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