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Enjoy the taste of the seasons every season

Seasonal Food

We will offer you delicious seasonal items, with some ingenuity.Therefore, the menu to be served depends on the season.
What kind of dish is today? Such fun there is to Shosenkaku
  • 【Hot pot with Three kinds of Shinshu chicken】

    Hot pot with Three kinds of Shinshu chicken with a soup cooked thoroughly!
    After examinating from locals and chicken chefs only chicken fish and passionate chickens and vegetables on the ground carefully for about 4 hours without taking their eyes off, the seasoning is simple with rock salt only.
    Extensive flavors of chicken and vegetables are extracted and it is so deeply flavorful and rich that it can not be thought of as seasoning with solely salt alone.
    For the shark of the pot, you can choose pasta or rice cook.Recommendation is thin pasta similar to Kyushu Bo-ramen (stick-style ramen). It fits the golden soup and is perfect for tightening the pot.
  • 【Herb chicken water cooker】

    It is raised in delicious water and air, it mixes natural herbs (oregano, ginger, cinnamon, garlic etc.) with feed, it is flavorful chicken rich with no stinky smell or no smell of chicken.
    We will have plenty of collagen at our hotel and white cloudy soup.
  • 【Meeting cuisine with Shinshu Beef and horse sashimi】

    You can taste Sashimi Shinshu Beef and fresh horse sashimi at once with safety and security and frosting disorder ...
    We prepare an irresistible local dish "Shunbi"plan for meat lovers.
    (The content changes according to the timing and purchase.)
  • 【Japanese Kaiseki Meal】

    We are very pleased with the cuisine cuisine of our chief chef who finished training in Kyoto.
    Please enjoy delicious dish, such as deliciously souped cooked products and egg custard, carrots and deep-frying carp from fried without smell.
    (The content changes according to the timing and purchase.)

customer's voice

  • Freshly cooked rice was delicious!

    We used dinner and breakfast.After having confirmed the meal starting time, all the dishes were kept to eat and I felt more delicious.Also, Nagano's original dish such as porridge of barley (?) Was also interesting.
  • It was the taste of dinner that I was deeply impressed.

    Cooking · Seasoning is wonderful, so even if it attracts enough attractiveness of the material, there was impression every one item.While there are luxury inns with unusual seasoning as well as stocking luxurious ingredients, this place was extraordinary.I felt the serious attitude of the cook.Bamboo shoot was the best.
  • A system that can select room and meal rates by rank is extremely convenient

    Was looking for a hot spring inn can stay in the family at close to Nagano City city, but know the Nakaoyama Onsen Shosenkaku in Tabi no Madoguchi (website), was the immediately subscription. We were satisfied with hot springs and dishes, and we were very pleased with the service manager 's direct serving service.A system that can select room and meal rates by rank at the time of reservation is very convenient and I would like you to spread to many accommodation facilities.Also, while few facilities accept reservations even on the day before the staying day, we were able to make a reservation despite the sudden application, thank you for a pleasant journey.